Squeezed in one last submission for a new New Zealand flag


The submissions for a new New Zealand flag closed yesterday. In my previous posts, I’ve shown half a dozen flags I’ve submitted.  But I managed to squeeze in the above entry just before closing last night.

I like this design best of the ones I’ve submitted, and it has also garnered the most ‘likes’.

Oddly enough, I spent the least time in coming up with the concept of this flag.  In fact, it came about by chance when I noticed that zooming in on one quadrant of an earlier flag design was actually more effective than the rather cluttered whole.  I then added the southern cross and the curves of the Maori flag.

Anyway, that’s it for flags now, what with submissions being closed. I don’t expect to be chosen out of the thousands of entries, and am not even sure if the current flag needs changing at all. But it has been a fun artistic exercise to design a new flag.


I hope I've given you something to think about - please do leave a comment with your thoughts or reactions.

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