My final submission for a new New Zealand flag



I couldn’t resist one more go at a New Zealand flag design. It is based on a traditional Maori woven motif. In the centre sits our iconic silver fern on a black background.

This one uses a different palette from my other three submissions. The red, white and blue diagonals hint at the union flag, and carry into the red, white and black colours of the tino rangatiratanga flag.



Added 16 July – one more go, before submssions close tonight:


4 thoughts on “My final submission for a new New Zealand flag

  1. Hi -Arteis …please see my comment about the meaning of the Tinorangatiratanga flag on your blog => other three submissions .
    Tinorangatiratanga means :- SEPARATE DEVELOPMENT… as does the
    AFIKAANS word – APATHEID . We need to be careful what we endorse .
    It is graphically speaking a -neat – flag – BUT -its meaning … is something else . Not ALL of Maoridom endorses it .
    It represents DIVISION and SEPARATION not UNITY .
    I do however like one of the other three flags that you have shown us.
    check out your blog covering => other three submissions for an idea that I have .
    Sorry if I appear harsh – Arteis – but the next flag that we have for NZ has to be a keeper … and we need to get it right .
    Nick Papadopoulos.

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