Make your own hardcover ‘eye candy’ book of miniatures


Jealous of the Perry Twins having a full colour hard-cover book featuring their own miniatures? Well, don’t be any longer, because you too can have your own version of Masters in Miniature! Above is a pic of a coffee-table book I created this week containing loads of pictures of my own figures.

Recently I discovered SnapFish, a web-based company that does all sorts of photographic printing. You just go to their site, upload the images you want printed, pay by credit card, and a few days later the prints arrive at your door. But they don’t only do prints.  They also have a range of other products on which your photos can be printed – including books.

So when SnapFish announced a sale on books (only $NZ15 for a twenty-page 20cmx28cm hardcover book), I came up with the idea of making a book of the best photos I’ve taken over the years of my miniatures.

You can choose all sorts of backgrounds for the pages on which your photos will be displayed, but I thought a plain black background would distract less from the figures.  There are also all sots of graphic embellishments you can add, but again, I thought simple is best, and so ignored these.  I also decided to leave the book text-free.


When the finished book arrived in the mail today, I was absolutely delighted with the results. Just look how lavish the front cover turned out to be.

When I was ‘making’ the book, I had been a bit worried about the low resolution of some of my shots.  But in the end they all came out perfectly well. Slight focus issues didn’t stand out as much in hard-copy as they did viewing the photos online.

Overall, I’ve ended up with a coffee table book that shows off my collection – my very own Masters in Miniature. I just can’t stop picking it up and browsing through it!

What’s more, if anyone was so foolish as to want a copy of my book, they can easily purchase their own copy direct off SnapFish using this link!

If you’re interested in this idea for yourself, but you’re not from New Zealand, I’m sure other countries will have similar companies to SnapFish.

Here are pics of a few pages from the book. Remember, even when you’ve clicked on the pics below to enlarge them, they’ll still only be about half the size of the pics in the actual book!





10 thoughts on “Make your own hardcover ‘eye candy’ book of miniatures

  1. What a good idea – I had seen these photographic books before, but the thought never occurred to me about a photographic minitatures log… might have to mull this one over…

  2. Very cool Roly. My wife has used SnapFish for her business. They provided an excellent service.


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  3. Actually Snapfish is owned by Hewlett Packard out of San Francisco. It is available anywhere. We wife uses it a lot. You can become Internationally famous, published all over the world!

  4. What a great idea Roly. Thank you for sharing this with us. Now I’ve got to run off and plan my first book. I like that anyone can order your book direct from Snapfish.

  5. Came out beautifully. I thought of doing something along these lines in some point. Maybe even with some text to remind me what project that was in 20 years ;). How many photos did you fit in the 15 Dollar deal? Can you also send them jpegs of Indesign pages or are you bound by their program?

    1. For design, you are bound by SnapFish’s online programme, but there are loads of options. You can include text, too.

      With the $15 deal (which is over now, but will no doubt come back) you got twenty pages. In the end I actually did about thirty pages, so it cost a wee bit more.

      Each 20cmx28cm page can take between one and about nine photos (but over about five I think they are getting too small).

      1. Looking at their offerings I think you could just design your page, save as jpg and then just make each picture filling the entire page. This way you can do whatever design you fancy. I’ll play a bit with this :).

        1. I think you’re right – some of my photos are one per page. So what you do to it before you upload the photo is totally up to you.

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