A visit to ‘Gallipoli: the scale of our war’


This morning I visited for the first time Gallipoli: the Scale of our War at Te Papa, their ground-breaking WW1 commemorative display developed with Weta Workshop.

I’ve put together a photo report of my visit on the Mustering The Troops blog. Pop on over to take a look, and get a taste of what this exhibition is all about.

What with having both Gallipoli: the Scale of our War and The Great War Exhibition, Wellington has not just one, but two world-class WW1 exhibitions. So the city is well worth a visit from elsewhere in New Zealand, or even from abroad.


7 thoughts on “A visit to ‘Gallipoli: the scale of our war’

  1. Many thanks for your post Roly. I shall have to check out the exhibition at Te Papa.

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  2. Great review, Roly. I’ve been doing work for the Great War Exhibition since June of last year and I’m still doing some tidying up stuff. I was intending to take the family to Wellington to see both exhibitions in the next school holidays but have been told to hold off until September as there will be even more material on display by then. I can’t wait to see it in the flesh! Cheers.

  3. Hi Roly ,
    Have just come back from Wellington where we looked at your good work plus also visited the Te Papa display .

    Both very touching .

    The colourised photos were amazing at the Sir Peter Jackson display and all the huge manikins at the Te Papa display were so life -like .

    Well worth the cost of flying down to Wellington .

    These two displays should be produced together in book form or perhaps as a DVD – documentary of how they were produced – together with photos of everything .

    The large mural showing the charge up the hill of Chunuk -Bair was very dramatic .

    One small picture that showed the percentages lost for each country involved at Gallipoli said it all for me though at Te Papa = 93% Killed , missing and wounded for New Zealand – but only 22 or so % for the British – that speaks for itself doesn’t it – for the losses that New Zealand suffered .

    Thanks for your report Roly.

    Did you get my photos o k ? I will get you more populated ones asap .

    Nick Papadopoulos.

    1. Thanks for that, Nick. I too saw Te papa for the first time on Saturday.

      No, I haven’t got photos yet. Are you perhaps sending them as files that are very large?

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