A simple way to paint a Maori pa and other scenery


I recently helped Printable Scenery to write and illustrate an article on how to paint their Maori pa palisade and buildings, using the ‘dry-brushing’ process.


This is a fairly quick way of painting large lots of scenery. The results look good despite being somewhat ‘rough and ready’ to do. This technique is particularly useful for things like rough wood and thatch – perfect for a pa, in other words!

See the full article here.

And here’s a little video of the fully painted pa:



Filed under Colonial New Zealand Wars, Empress Miniatures, Terrain

6 responses to “A simple way to paint a Maori pa and other scenery

  1. Vince Cholewa

    Cheers Roly. Your pa looks superb. Thank you for sharing the painting tip.


    Sent from my iPhone


  2. It does look wonderfully effective, well done Sir.

  3. Hi, these look great but the link to the article is broken. Probably the result of a reorg of the printable scenery website. Could you post the original?

  4. Where do I find the full article ?

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