Amazing parade of WW1 vehicles in Wellington today

What day to be at home sick! I had planned for weeks to attend the Anzac commemoration parade today, but bronchitis holds back for no man.

And what an event it turns out I missed. Beautiful weather; big crowds; loads of WW1 trucks, buses, tanks and horse-drawn guns; young period soldiers who actually looked the part; a sea of red poppies; stirring haka from schoolboys as the parade passed … wow!

These are just some of the photos from today’s New Zealand Herald.

herald pic 6

herald pic 1

herald pic 5

herald pic 3

herald pic 2

herald pic 4

3 thoughts on “Amazing parade of WW1 vehicles in Wellington today

  1. It was an awesome parade, for sure. I took my SLR along to get some pix, got quite a few. I missed Peter Jackson’s vehicle-hopping, though I heard the ‘clunk’ as the tailgate shut after he found a truck that worked. Not too surprising given these vehicles are nearly a century old – and what an amazing collection!

  2. Sorry to hear that you missed it. I wasn’t able to make it either due to a bad case of stuckinDunedinitis, so like you have to appreciate it from all the photos. I’m looking forward to coming up and visiting the exhibitions sometime this year though!

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