Me as a 54mm Perry miniature!


The Perry twins have kindly sculpted this 54mm trench-digging New Zealander as … er … me, albeit in a much more heroic stance than I usually adopt.

I was really taken to be included amongst the Perry specials for the forthcoming Chunuk Bair (Gallipoli) diorama at The Great War Exhibition in Wellington. But my wife slightly deflated my bubble when she asked why the Perrys ‘hadn’t sculpted my tummy’!

I’m not sure if I’ve done the clever sculpting justice, not being a fine detail painter, but generally using a more impressionistic ‘dry-brush and wash’ technique.

I’m told the oldest Anzac soldier at Chunuk Bair was 53 years old, so I felt I could paint this figure with grey(ish) hair. But if necessary I can use an ink-wash to darken it up before the figure is placed in the diorama next weekend.


13 thoughts on “Me as a 54mm Perry miniature!

  1. Welldone , PERRY .
    Roly deserves it and the fig is reaklly him .
    Will i have the chance to buy one ?????

  2. You should be very proud Roly. Justly deserved for your efforts in bringing the museum project together. This is most impressive.
    Nicely painted too.
    Great work all round.

  3. What an excellent and well deserved gesture! Congratulations on your work on this project, it really does look exceptional. I look forward to hopefully popping up to Welly to see the end result.

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