Cool video about our huge Perry 54mm Gallipoli diorama project

Capture darcy
Here’s an excellent two-minute video on the massive Anzac commemoration project involving 4000 specially-commissioned 54mm Perry figures being painted by over 100 wargamers.

The video is embedded in this online article.

In this video a wargamer from Hamilton explains the background of the diorama, and how he and his mates got involved. All kudos to Darcy for speaking about this project in such a thoroughly professional and quite moving manner.

2 thoughts on “Cool video about our huge Perry 54mm Gallipoli diorama project

  1. excellent feature!
    However, I was under the impression that we painters were supposed to keep everything under wraps, especially when it came to showing off our work and the exclusive minis…no posting of pictures on our blogs etc.. so as to keep the surprise.

    1. Nope, we don’t mind some individual figures being shown. But media stories, blogs etc should emphasise the painting activity and keep the final objective vague (ie part of a diorama, but not the specifics around what the diorama is about). This is pretty easy, as we’ve not been told much about the diorama anyway!

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