New blog for huge New Zealand WW1 project using 54mm Perrys

Muster the Troops capture

The brand new Mustering the Troops blog has just gone live! It supports an exciting WW100 (World War One commemoration) project in New Zealand to paint four thousand 54mm figures for a massive Gallipoli diorama in the forthcoming Great War Exhibition.    

This project provides the opportunity for New Zealand wargamers to do their bit for the ww100 commemorations, as thousands of other Kiwi volunteers from all walks of life are already doing in many different events, exhibitions and projects across the country.

The new blog supports this project with registration forms, painting guides, reference photos, tips and hints, regional forums and much more.

If you’re a Kiwi wargamer who wants to help paint the four thousand 54mm figures specially designed by the Perry twins, you can register your interest by submitting the form on Mustering The Troops.   You’ll need to do this even if you’ve previously stated your interest in a comment here on my own blog.

Could I please ask New Zealand wargamers to circulate the news about the Mustering The Troops blog around their clubs, so that we can get a wide representation of painters from all over the country.

For anyone interested to know more about this project, the About page is a good place to start.

turk and kiwi cutout




8 thoughts on “New blog for huge New Zealand WW1 project using 54mm Perrys

  1. Many thanks Roly, a great effort, well done. I have two others in the Wairarapa keen to help me. I think we will start with 40 figures for me and see how quickly we get through those.


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    1. Thanks for that, Vince. I must admit I’ve been so engaged with building the Mustering the Troops blog, I haven’t even had time to open my bag of Anzac figures yet. Still 58 days to go, according to the countdowner on the new blog!

  2. I would have been honoured to have have taken part in this project but being a Kiwi living in the UK I appreciate the logistical difficulties. If I can be of assistance let me know but come Aptil and at the setting of the sun, I will remember them….

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