More Maori pa fencing hot off the 3D printer


There’s now a shorter version of the Maori pa fencing being produced as 3D files by Printable Scenery.  This’ll give lots of variety.  Note also the new symbols on top of the main posts.

You can also see from the photo that these fences will do nicely for fantasy games.

I have just completed painting the first versions of the taller prototypes.  I still need to take  better shot of them, but for the time being, here is quick photo from my work desk tonight.



7 thoughts on “More Maori pa fencing hot off the 3D printer

    1. Check out Printable Scenery website linked in my article. You do need access to someone with a 3D printer at your end, or use a commercial printing service.

    1. They’re cabbage trees. They’re actually model railway kits, made here in NZ. Do a search on ‘trees’ in my blog, and somewhere there is a review of them.

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