3D-printed Maori pa pallisades

3d printed maori pa1

Last week I was introduced for the first time to a fellow wargamer who owns Printable Scenery, a company that designs and prints 3D wargames terrain.  I reported on that serendipitous meeting in a previous posting.

During that chat, I suggested to Matt that why didn’t he try designing some miniature Maori pa palisading.  Well today, only days after first sowing the seeds of this idea, Matt has tweeted the above picture of what he has already accomplished!

I think this first ‘proof of concept’ piece of palisading has really captured the look of the fences erected around many Maori pa.  Note the irregular palings, the carvings on top of the main posts, and even the loopholes at ground-level.  However, if any experts out there can suggest improvements, please let me know.

Of course, I have a personal interest in Maori pa palisades for my colonial New Zealand Wars project.  But imagine the uses these fences could get in many other types of wargames:  ancient forts, pulp fiction or pirate cannibal villages, fantasy orc enclosures …

I’m visiting Matt tomorrow night, so hopefully will have some more info to report after then.


7 thoughts on “3D-printed Maori pa pallisades

  1. These really do look very good! And of course the potential for 3d printed kit-making of all varieties is tremendous. I remember the Wellington branch of the IPMS were going through back-flips about 25 years ago trying to figure out ways of cheaply making injection-mould dies for very short run products. Proved impossible. But now…

  2. An excellent example what the future holds for us. Such fence structures can really only benefit by 3d-printing and assembly of fiddly parts is not a problem at all. Look foward to the painted ones.

    1. Yes, I can see tons of possibilities.

      I have the fences painted, but still need to complete the basing. Will hopefully photograph them on the weekend.

  3. Hi. I am making a model by hand for my playcentre. . You have answered all my questions I was asking myself as I was starting it this afternoon. So fiddly. But worth it. When my one is tired I will propose we invest in yours. I will pass it on to other Playcentres. Thank you.
    Tino pai to mahi. Keep up the good work! Eyenta Livingstone

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