Napoleonic French supply wagon completed and based

A well-laden supply wagon trails the French army on the march. This is the Perry Miniatures model, which I have just finished painting and basing tonight.

The model is sculpted full of baggage, even including this overflowing rack at the rear.

The wagon is driven by a soldier in shako and greatcoat. He is giving a lift to a cantiniere in the passenger seat. I’ve blue-tacked these figures on so that I can remove them if I want to use the wagon for other periods.

The model can be assembled either with or without the canvas tilt cover. I’ve just left it unglued, so I can choose whether the wagon will be covered or not.

I’m particularly pleased with how the canvas cover came out. This was done by simply coating the bare grey resin cover a GW all over with a chestnut wash, along with a black wash over the folded front and back. I then dry-brushed the cover with a couple of shades of Foundry sand paint.

Here you can see the load that comes sculpted on the Perry Miniatures model.

5 thoughts on “Napoleonic French supply wagon completed and based

  1. It llooks fantastic, Roly; you’ve done an awesome job on the paintwork and the photos – those in the top look so real.

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