Perry Miniatures Napoleonic supply wagon


Despite it seeming a bit quite round here, but I haven’t been totally inactive. I’ve nearly finished painting the Perry Miniature Napoleonic French two-horse supply wagon (model FN161).

This is a simply superb model. It oozes with character: the slouched driver and his primly-sitting cantinière passenger, the heaped-up baggage clinging to any available space on, behind and even under the wagon, and the two horses wearily plodding along pulling this heavy load.

Possibly no use whatsoever in a wargame, except perhaps in a ‘the baggage has got to get through’ scenario. But what a great fun model to paint!




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11 responses to “Perry Miniatures Napoleonic supply wagon

  1. Eric VEITL

    Simply superb Roly

    • thorsten albers

      Hello Eric,
      i hope you can help me with my modell of the Perry supply wagon set 🙂
      Yesterday i try to paint it with Vallejo Surface primer (black), but it was like a “lotus effect” on the surface. The paint didn´t “hold” on the resin, it flow over it an drip of.
      After that, i wash the model once again with warm water an some litte dish soap, but this also didn´t help.
      Can you tell me, how did you prime your model?
      thanks, thorsten

      • I just washed it first with soap and water, then sprayed it with the usual black car primer that I use for undercoat on all my metal figures. I haven’t had any issues.

  2. Indeed a superb model and very nicely done. On my list to purchase too.

  3. Jim Purky

    I love those French supply wagons! I am going to have to purchase a few.

  4. Charming rendition Roly – looking forward to seeing it finished up!

  5. Lots of character and nice paint job!

  6. That’s an extremely cool miniature & definitely looks fun to paint, war-game use or not! Underscores the Napoleonic maxim that armies marched on their stomachs.

  7. Well done Roly. I’ve got a few of the Perry’s Russian and French wagons “in stock”.

    And the model may have explicit use in some scenarios but will always have implicit use as eye candy on the table top.

    von Peter himself

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