Perry Miniatures colonial New Zealand Wars figures

Ah ha … the risk of my tragic demise by what is known to wargamers as ‘death by loss of lead mountain’ (see my previous post) may have been averted. This is because Perry Miniatures have just announced the release of British infantry who look like they’ll be perfect for the 1860s campaigns of the colonial New Zealand Wars.   Buying a few of these may form the foundations of my replacement lead mountain.

Here are some pics from the Perry website:

BIF 22

BIF 20

BIF 23

BIF 21

BIF 19

And this is me (in Confederate uniform) with a British infantryman in campaign dress, taken during the British Intervention Force into the American Civil War … well, maybe!



4 thoughts on “Perry Miniatures colonial New Zealand Wars figures

  1. They are lovely minis saw them at a UK show a month or so ago, Always wanted to do an intervention force and had planned on it using French etc from Maximillian War a good few years ago. I nudge Perry on Facebook to no avail on doing some bush rangers 🙂

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