Call To Arms 2: Samurai

This second post about my display games last weekend at Call To Arms in Wellington features my samurai scenery and figures.

The games I put on were static displays, one in the morning and then a completely different one on the same small table  in the afternoon.  The samurai were the subject of the afternoon display.

IMG_3280_aThis was actually a quick change from the colonial New Zealand Wars game I put on in the morning.  Essentially the terrain stayed the same, but the buildings and some of the trees have been replaced to quickly convert New Zealand into Japan.

Or, as several wags commented, it was still New Zealand, but depicting the film-set for ‘The Last Samurai’ in Taranaki!

IMG_3300_aThis was a chance to show off my Shogunate period buildings, which are wooden kits from 4Ground.  The river sections by Miniature World Makers also created a lot of interest.

IMG_3301_aSome cherry-blossom trees and a few Perry Miniatures villagers set the scene.   In the background, the banners of the warring Takeda and Hojo clans begin to appear.

IMG_3281_aA view behind the Takeda lines.  The samurai and ashigaru figures are all by Kingsford Miniatures.

IMG_3286_aTwo mounted samurai charge into single combat, whilst their retainers battle it out with bow, arquebus and pike.

IMG_3282_aMy favourite Japanese figures are the set of unarmoured samurai made by Perry Miniatures.   They are really animated, and capture the feel of the TV series ‘Shogun’.  Here two of them battle it out in a field of waving wheat.

IMG_3283_aAnother couple of unarmoured samurai fight on an arched bridge, in the shadow of an ornate torii gateway.

IMG_3284_aIn the temple confines, the last two unarmoured samurai are locked in combat near a large gravestone, whilst a Perry monk watches anxiously.

IMG_3293_aA last look at the temple complex …

In my next post, I feature some other spectacular  games that caught my eye at Call To Arms.

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