Basing Royal Navy and Maori artillery for colonial NZ Wars


I’ve just completed basing my artillery for the colonial New Zealand Wars.  This has been a last minute rush, as I’m putting on a display at Call To Arms in Wellington tomorrow.

One of the guns is a huge naval 32-pounder that has been dragged miles inland into the bush and placed on a roughly-constructed wooden platform, to try to pound a Maori pa into submission.


Meanwhile, the Maori themselves have got a captured carronade with which to return fire on the British camp, using any old iron as ammunition.  The gun is mounted on a wooden slide, secured with blocks and tackle to a couple of handy tree stumps.


The figures and guns are all by Empress Miniatures.  The bases were cut to my specifications by local company, Dopey Dog.  I glued magnetic sheet underneath them to attach the figures, who are mounted on metal washers.

I’ve also used the same basing method for my British and colonial infantry, and Maori warriors.


I’ll take photos of the display tomorrow (along with a samurai display I’m also doing), and post them here soon.

5 thoughts on “Basing Royal Navy and Maori artillery for colonial NZ Wars

  1. Beautiful as always!!! I recently read ‘Tribal Guns and Tribal Gunners’, a fantastic history of the Maori use of artillery in early-mid 19th century New Zealand. Your model completely looks the part! Wish I could see the display – but will look forward to more photos instead.

  2. Roly they really are wonderful, I love what you’ve done with the bases and really must dig mine out of the lead pile; rest assured if I do I will be coming back here for inspiration.

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