Selling my Eureka colonial New Zealand Wars figures


EDIT 19/10/2014 – the figures described below are now for sale on TradeMe:

I don’t sell painted figures often. In fact, in all my wargaming years, I think I’ve only ever sold about four painted units in total. I feel too attached to my work, bearing in mind the painstaking hours that go into painting such units. And even if they don’t get played with much, I enjoy seeing my soldiers standing resplendently in their display cabinet.

The few times I have sold my units was when they were surplanted in my collection by another manufacturer with whose figures they wouldn’t fit. And that is what may happen here.

For several years I’ve owned these twenty Eureka Miniatures figurines depicting the colonial New Zealand Wars. They include ten Maori warriors, five Armed Constabulary and five militia, all in 25mm scale. Most are fully painted and based, but one of the Maori warriors was never quite finished for some reason.

But lately, as anyone following my blog must surely know by now, I’ve been working on a New Zealand Wars project using the Empress Miniatures range. These latter figures are 28mm, so bigger than the Eureka models. Besides which, the Empress figures are from the earlier wars of the 1840s, whereas these Eureka ones are from the 1860s/70s (the Armed Constabulary and militia in particular).

So, I’m now thinking of placing these twenty painted Eureka figures on TradeMe, the New Zealand version of eBay. If I do take the plunge, it won’t be for a week or so, as I’m too busy with work for the next few days (including even the weekend) to plan a suitable time for the auction to close so that I can (if successful) promptly pack and post the wee men to their new home.

But if you’re interested, keep watching here for a link when they’re up on TradeMe …



4 thoughts on “Selling my Eureka colonial New Zealand Wars figures

  1. I was contemplating the maori figures for supplementing the Empress ones however see they are too small. Hopefully Perry will realise with their Canadian intervention that not too much further to produce later rangers etc

  2. Roly /Arteis … if the figures are not already sold I suggest hang on to them and place them in the background behind your 28mm figures as appropriate in various scenarios… Nicholas John Papadopoulos ,Auckland ,New Zealand.

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