A busy day in Little Japan


A spring day in the village of Little Japan, sometime during the Sengoku Jidai (‘Warring States’) period. In the shade of the cherry-blossom trees, a yellow-clad monk stands on the temple verandah and greets an old-timer ambling past. Nearby, a mother is dragging her bawling child to market, while a well-dressed lady waits near the monument in the centre of the square.

Behind them a geisha practises her moves with a pair of fans.  Two workers hurry past, one laden with goods balanced on a pole, the other carrying a mattock to work in the fields.  On the street corner, two samurai  show each other the latest moves with their swords.


I’ve been quietly plodding along with my samurai project, and over the last week or so have painted these Perry civilians. Today I set them up on my desk, along with two houses from 4Ground, and the temple from Fukei/Plastcraft Games.

Now it is a matter of getting back to painting more of the samurai and ashigaru soldiers, to destroy the peace in this idyllic little Japanese village scene!  A hint of this can be seen in the picture below, as a couple of my Kingsford samurai figures arrive on the scene.


5 thoughts on “A busy day in Little Japan

  1. Wow, love the civvies, love the buildings…love it all. What is about all things Samurai that is so damned fascinating?

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