Edible hobbit house


This edible hobbit house was cleverly done by the daughter of a good friend for my birthday cake yesterday. It was quite appropriate, really, as I had just seen the second Hobbit movie the previous night.

It is made of chocolate cake, with a gingerbread facade and tree, and green-coloured shredded coconut as the grass.

Clare is quite talented in this line. Below is what she made for my birthday last year.


Maybe there’s a market for her work?! You could use it as terrain for your game, then eat it for a snack afterwards. And damage from catapults or magic could be replicated with some judicious bites!



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9 responses to “Edible hobbit house

  1. Very cool and happy birthday! I may be building a hobbit hole soonish though mine wont be edible!

  2. Delicious looking real estate Roly. My regards to the builder.

    von Peter himself

  3. briansmaller

    Just right for elevenses.

  4. Very cool looking cake. Ideal for a second breakfast! All the best – happy birthday…and have a great Xmas break!

    • There’s actually enough cake and gingerbread in this structure for a third or fourth breakfast, Matthew. Especially if you like vivid green food-coloured coconut.

  5. moonlightmini

    Birthday? Yesterday? Happy b-day!!!

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