Mounted samurai horseman

cavalry7_Dec 15

My 28mm samurai project is proceeding at a very slow but steady pace. In the last week I’ve painted this Kingsford mounted samurai armed with a rather fearsome trident, and another foot samurai.

Most manufacturers provide their mounted samurai figures with full size European-style horses. But Kingsford are one of the few who do the correct diminutive mounts. In real life, samurai rode surprisingly small ponies.

I must say I’m finding samurai one of the most difficult painting projects I’ve ever done. I was warned this would be the case, especially because the intricate lacing is just so difficult to do properly. A close examination of the above photo shows my efforts are pretty hit-or-miss. Though to the naked eye, rather than photographically enlarged, my paint-jobs look sufficient enough for my purposes. And there’s no doubt I’m enjoying the challenge.

Note that the sashimono (back flags) remain unpainted. I have yet to decide which clans my samurai will belong to.

cavalry5_Dec 15

8 thoughts on “Mounted samurai horseman

  1. Thanks for that, Matthew. Photographing miniatures is always (for me, anyway) a bit of a lucky dip. Ii don’t have any specialised camera, and so it is a matter of getting the right light and other variables. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t.

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