Diorama of Naval Brigade during the Indian Mutiny

Here is the last of the dioramas I photographed recently at the Historic Dockyard Museum in Portsmouth.  This Indian Mutiny scene shows the Naval Brigade in action.  Along with my previously posted cutting out expedition and ship launching photos, these pics show that some superb modelling skills can be seen in this museum.




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5 responses to “Diorama of Naval Brigade during the Indian Mutiny

  1. Davy Henderson

    Permit me to identify these ones. Is it Mods v. Rockers, Brighton Pavilion, circa 1964? 😎
    Seriously, another two goodies. Puts me in the notion of revisiting Portsmouth some time in the near future. By the way, where are you now, Roly?


  2. Excellent guess, misguided though it may be!

    I’m back in New Zealand now, Davy. Sadly the holiday is now all over …

  3. Ray Dyer

    Ugh…I live near Portsmouth, have visited the dockyard, and never seen these! Will have to visit again

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