Another excellent Napoleonic naval diorama


As promised in my previous posting on excellent dioramas I’ve seen in museums during my UK holiday, here is another one from the Historic Dockyard at Portsmouth, taken in the museum near HMS Victory.

Unfortunately I forgot to take note of the caption of the diorama, but it is obviously depicting the launch (or some other important stage in the construction) of a Napoleonic-era warship – though not of the Victory herself, as the ship is too small.

But whatever the subject matter, the model-making is breathtaking.

Because I am still away on holiday, and so absent from my usual graphics software, I haven’t been able to downsize these photos. Therefore they are pretty big.

However there is so much to see in these pictures, that I think the waiting time to download them will be worth it.  But don’t forget to click on the pics to see them at full size.  There are just so many little incidents happening in this busy scene. My favourite touch is that of the seagulls flying round the little boat.





7 thoughts on “Another excellent Napoleonic naval diorama

  1. Well done, Peter! Thought it looked pre-Napoleonic. And well done to you too, Roly, for posting these excellent pics for our entertainment and appreciation. Here you are, away from home, on holiday, sensory overload, not in front of your own PC and still posting! What a hero! Best wishes for the rest of your holiday.


  2. Very cool diorama! Have to admit, I’m a sucker for dioramas…this one really is excellent. Also gives a handle on the scale of those three-deckers which is hard to get any other way.

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