Fabulous cutting-out expedition diorama


When I was making my Britannia ship’s boat model some years ago (see pic below), I used a small picture of a diorama in a book as my painting reference.  


So during my holiday in the UK, I was delighted to stumble across the actual diorama itself at the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth. Note you may have to wait for the diorama pics to download, as they’re quite big.

The diorama depicts a fictional cutting-out expedition by British sailors and marines somewhere in Spain during the Napoleonic Wars.

This has to be one of the nicest dioramas I’ve ever seen, especially for the water effect and the captured movement of the figures and boats.

Though I must say the diorama does outshine my own modelling and painting skills!

There were also a couple of other similarly excellent dioramas there, but I’ll save them for future postings.

Sorry about the big size of the photos, but on my travels I’m away from my photo editing software. But I’m sure you’ll actually enjoy examining the big pics, because there are so many details to spot in this wonderful diorama.




13 thoughts on “Fabulous cutting-out expedition diorama

  1. Portsmouth is a fantastic place to visit. Don’t get asked to leave HMS Victory like I did Roly (disappearing from the tour and poking my nose where it didn’t belong).

  2. I’m very jealous! I enjoyed visiting the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard a few years ago and would love to go there again.

    Those photos are fantastic, what a beautiful diorama.

  3. Hi! You Don’t apologize for to big resolution of photo!!! I’ve been at Portsmouth Naval museum in last year, and I making a lot of photograph, but, I don’t create in good quality this one, like You. This is ultra great!! Firstly, the personnel of museum, don’t like when somebody taking a photo with flash etc, secondly, sometimes ahead a cabinet with models is full of people 😦 So THANK YOU for publishing in this quality pictures like this. I have a question about this diorama, maybe you know what materials was used for creating this one? For example figures of soldiers or what kind stuff was used for walls and water? What was this done? Styrofoam? Papier-mâché? Lead?

    1. Thanks for those comments. I was lucky to get those shots without people around. Unfortunately I have no idea what the diorama was made of. Certainly it was done by a master-modeller!

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