Seeking ride from Rye (Kent) to SELWG

I’m currently on holiday in the UK. This weekend I aim to visit my first-ever big war games show, SELWG. This will be really something for a war gamer used to our smaller shows in New Zealand.

I will be staying in Rye in Kent. I intend to take the train, but I thought it would do no harm to also check if anyone is driving to SELWG from that area? We could then share a ride, I could share your petrol and parking costs, and we could share tales of Wargaming during the drive!

Does this idea suit anyone? If not, no worries, as I’ll return to Plan A and take the train.

2 thoughts on “Seeking ride from Rye (Kent) to SELWG

  1. Hi Roly, glad to hear that you have a lift. I’m not a million miles away and might have been persuaded to join you on the train, but sadly at work this weekend! Hope you have a great time.

  2. I successfullly obtained a lift (and also a very friendly and knowledgeable host!) for SELWG. The event was fantastic. I’ll do a posting and photos on my return to New Zealand next week.

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