Battlefield Guide: Kororareka 1845


© Lemuel Lyes 2013

I’d like to recommend an excellent photo-story on History Geek, in which blogger Lemuel Lyes shares some of his experiences exploring the battlefield of Kororareka in New Zealand, and walks you through the key sites you can still visit today.

As Lemuel says:

In 1845 Kororareka was the scene of the opening round of the New Zealand Wars (excepting the earlier skirmish at Wairau in the South Island).  The short battle saw fierce fighting between experienced Māori warriors and a combined force of settlers, soldiers and sailors; it featured a naval bombardment courtesy of the Royal Navy and ended in the almost complete destruction of one of the nation’s earliest and most scandalous settlements.

Empress Miniatures‘ launch of metal figures a couple of years ago for the 1840s New Zealand Wars makes re-fighting this battle eminently possible.




Some time ago I wrote a scenario for recreating Kororareka using the Too Fat Lardies ‘Sharp Practice’ wargaming rules:


3 thoughts on “Battlefield Guide: Kororareka 1845

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, it is much appreciated!

    I do hope you get the chance to try out that scenario. It would be fascinating to see how the Battle of Kororareka 2.0 plays out!

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