Tips for river boating in France?

French honeymoon

We’re off to Europe next week. Whilst most of our itinerary is now full, we’ve got a few free days in France later in the month.

One suggestion is that we do a drive-your-own boat through some French rivers. I’ve never done anything like this before *, but it certainly sounds appealing. Does anyone here have any experience in this sort of holiday? And any boat companies to recommend?

We’re going to be based at Versailles, near Paris, but can take a train from there to wherever the best place to pick up a boat would be. Maybe Burgundy or the Loire? (Sadly, despite wargaming with French armies for SYW and Napoleonics, I must admit my geographical knowledge of the country is minimal!)

*  Other than having a go at the wheel of a working boat on the River Seine during our honeymoon back in the 80s – that’s my new bride acting as deck-hand in the photo at the top of this article.   


5 thoughts on “Tips for river boating in France?

    1. Yes, it does sound idyllic and interesting, doesn’t it. I’ve had short trips on working boats on the Seine in France, the Maas in the Netherlands, and the Neckar in Germany. But I’ve never been on a leisurely holiday river-cruise.

  1. I can’t recommend anything specifically either but I’d recommend going for it. A canal cruise was on our bucket list when we were in the UK but sadly had not been ticked off when we needed to come back to NZ.

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy it … and then you can report back!! 8O)

    von Peter himself

  2. Roly hii
    If you do get Along to Selwg and make it to the front Rank Stand .. mention to Alec that you know me 🙂 …

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