Kingsford Samurai, and even some SELWG

For my 28mm samurai skirmish project, I’ve finally settled on Kingsford Miniatures. I did try some other manufacturers first, but in the end Kingsford’s figures were the ones I fell for.

Kingsford Miniatures are very nice indeed, as you’ll see by clicking on the above picture to see them in more detail.   (If you look carefully, you’ll also see a Kensei geisha in there).

The Kingsford figures are on the slightly larger end of 28mm, which is something I like.  They are nicely sculpted – for example, the lacing in the armour is crisp and clear.  The faces are characterful and very Japanese in looks.  The animation of the figures is nice without being overdone.


 The fact that these exquisite figures are sculpted by acknowledged samurai expert ‘Evalario’, and so will no doubt be entirely accurate,  makes them even more appealing.

So far, all I’ve done is to glue them to heavy iron washers, which make perfect single figure bases. I used slightly larger washers for the horses and also for the bannermen (who would otherwise topple over with their large heavy metal banners).

Weapons and banners are cast separately, and so have to be glued in the figures’ hands.  I haven’t actually glued any of these onto the figures as yet. 


But any further progress on these figures is going to be delayed for a couple of months. This is because I’m heading off at the end of  next week to visit the far side of the world – England, Scotland, France and the Netherlands!!!

Whilst it is a family trip, I do hope to squeeze in some wargaming and modelling visits:  the National Army Museum in London, Pendon Model Railway in Oxfordshire; Culloden battlefield in Scotland, and Les Invalides in Paris.

I may even be able to make it to my first ever UK wargames show, SELWG. However, as this occurs on my last weekend in England, my family may have other ideas. So I’ll just have to wait and see if I can score the day away…


7 thoughts on “Kingsford Samurai, and even some SELWG

  1. To help counterbalance bannermen and such, a largish lead “rock” placed on the opposite side of the base can often help a lot.

    The figures look lovely. Have fun painting them, sir.

    — Jeff

  2. Clint Here. (If I don’t type that I become anonymous!) Should you be going to SELWG I will see you there. And I will be very happy to introduce you to some of the other English Bloggers. Fran (Angry Lurker) Ray (Don’t throw a 1) Lee (Big Lee’s miniature adventures) Tamsin (Wargames Girl), Ashley (Paint it Pink) Dave Crook (wargames Odyssey) etc. All decent people. Fran and Ray will no doubt be able to introduce you to a few more as well!

  3. Roly, if intending to visit Culloden Battlefield, may I also recommend Fort George which is only about 11 miles away (less than 25 minutes drive)? Fort George was built after the ’45 to subdue any further rebellion and is an excellent example of 18th Century fortification – in my view it is a must for anyone interested in the Horse & Musket era (for more info Google Historic Scotland Fort George where it is described as the mightiest artillery fortification in Britain if not Europe). Hope your European adventure goes well. Wrap up for the weather!


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