Sharpie and Harper in the cherry blossoms

sharpe blossoms 2

I’ve been working on some cherry-blossom trees for my samurai project, but also promised to post some photos of my 40mm Sharpe-like riflemen.  So here they all are in some combined shots!

sharpe blossoms 1

The blossom trees are el cheapos from Hong Kong, mounted with a hot glue gun onto heavy steel washers. I still have to finish the scenics on the bases.

I can’t recall the maker of the 40mm Sharpish figures. But they do have a certain hint of those books and the TV programme, right down to the sergeant’s multi-barrelled firearm.

As a bonus, I’ve managed to catch in the background a couple of large plastic Napoleonic toys, and a distinctly un-Sharpish Citroen H Gendarmerie van!

6 thoughts on “Sharpie and Harper in the cherry blossoms

  1. These pics have rounded off my day nicely, can imagine our Sharpe and Harper under the cherry trees, they did get up to some mischief! Time to get out those well-worn paperbacks again.

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