Fukei buildings and scenery for my Samurai project

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know I have started a samurai skirmish project.  As part of this, I’ve been considering what scenery I’ll use to give my wargames table a Japanese touch.  Today I ordered some kitset buildings and scenery from Zenit Miniatures in Spain.  These are marketed under the tradename Fukei to accompany Zenit’s Kensei samurai game.

fukei-building-3 (1)

The first item I ordered was a small building with raised base and gabled roof. This design is inspired by Japanese feudal architecture and can be part of a military residence, shrine or daimyo’s palace.  It comes as a pre-cut PVC kit with resin doors and windows.   Note that the figure in this and the following pictures is a Kensei samurai that they put in all their photos for size comparison.


A torii gate is very iconic of Japan.  The torii is a traditional Japanese gate that symbolically marks the transition from the profane to the sacred at Shinto shrines.

fukei bridge

Of course, no Japanese garden is complete without a little red humpbacked footbridge.


I also got a pack of Japanese gravestones, as I think these could add some Oriental flavour around the little building, or just work as garden ornaments.


Finally, I thought I would try out what the Kensei miniatures look like, and at the same time add at least a single civilian to my Japanese figures.  So I’ve ordered the rather charming geisha.


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