Wow – new New Zealand Wars goodness from Empress!

Ka pai! Ngā mihi!  Empress Miniatures have released some more figures for their 28mm New Zealand Wars range, and, boy, are they beauties!


Here’s a Maori carronade.  I love the way it even includes the block and tackle.


And this is a set of desperate farmers defending their homestead.  The facial expression on the girl firing the pistol is terrific.   I can see lots of uses for these figures in many settings.

Fantastic stuff!  I’ll have an order flying down the wires to Empress by the end of this evening! They’ll nicely complement my existing New Zealand Wars forces, some of which are pictured below.



small-maori attack front house

12 thoughts on “Wow – new New Zealand Wars goodness from Empress!

  1. Oh wow, those really are beauties! That Maori carronade with crew is particularly stunning. Timely considering that the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Meremere is coming up this October, and a notable event of that battle was the Maori use of ships cannons to fire on the British flotilla.

    That said, I swear that the carronade is modeled on the surviving example at Ruapekapeka – as used by Maori during the Northern War.

    I haven’t collected miniatures since my teens, and I can scarcely afford to start yet another collection but damn it, after seeing these pictures I’m seriously tempted!

  2. Same here, Michael – I haven’t done any more since the last release by Empress. I’ve already ordered these new figures this evening.

  3. These are seriously cool! And like Lemuel, they tempt me to get back into model-making! The carronade is interesting – we forget that the ‘musket wars’ included an ‘arms race’ between iwi for heavy artillery – much of which was still available a generation later when the New Zealand Wars broke out. They were used at Ohaewai and other places. The problem Maori had was these weapons were usually obsolete by then, and they couldn’t get adequate munitions for them.

      1. Glad you like them Arteis, your site has inspired me as much as the miniatures. I commisioned these two packs!

        All the best Matt

  4. Well, I’m really glad you commissioned them! Any other NZ Wars commissions in the pipeline???? Acually, I guess the real question is what is now still missing for this range …

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