Another Samurai musing

In my posting the other day musing about samurai miniatures, I forgot to mention a certain maker.  I  need to now mention them, as I am becoming increasingly interested in their range.  The maker concerned is Kingsford Miniatures from Canada.


Here are three of their samurai figures.  Every review I’ve read about these figures on the internet is very good.  And they tick many of my boxes:

  • At more like 30+mm, they’re tall and hefty figures (which to me is what skirmish-gaming  samurai should be).
  • The faces actually look oriental and filled with character – they also look big enough to paint well.
  • The lacing on the armour looks well-defined enough for easy picking out with a paintbrush (difficulty in painting the lacing is a criticism of some other ranges).


And here are some of their ashigaru figures.  Again, very characterful.  They remind me a little of the style of Empress Miniatures (whose New Zealand Wars figures are some of my all-time favourites).

While the posing and proportions may not be quite as life-like as Perry figures in particular, there is something indefinable I really like about this range.   And it was helped when I sent an email to them last night to ask some questions, and got a very pleasant and chatty reply.

So, I’m very tempted …  but those other ranges still all look juicy too!

4 thoughts on “Another Samurai musing

  1. I can’t see you stopping at just a wee village, Colonel. You’d have a nine-story Japanese castle as a minimum (and probably a steam-powered walking one at that!).

  2. Everyone makes Sengoku-Jidai period samurai. I have heaps of them from a lot of manufacturers – including a lot of the old Nippon figures from Citadel/GW. What I would like to see is more earlier samurai – liek the Genpei War era or the Mongol Invasion..

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