Dad’s wartime album: invasion of Holland

Dad'sd photos 1_C

My father was a Dutch solider during WW2 and later in Indonesia. I still have a box of his photos and papers, and so from time to time I’ll post the occasional item here on my blog.  

The first photo from my Dad’s album is this picture of crashed Junkers JU52 transport planes lining a Dutch road (click the picture to enlarge).

From my research (Dad never talked much about his time in the war), I gather these are transports that were involved in the German invasion of the Netherlands in 1940.  The road is the main highway between Rotterdam and the Hague.

Apparently a lot of the Junkers 52s used by the Germans in the airborne invasion to transport their paratroopers were shot down. But in this photo, because of the amount of planes (you can see more in the distance), they look more like they crash-landed whilst using they used this wide four-lane road as a landing strip. 

Dad was in the Dutch army that faced the invaders (read here and here for more about his war service).

Detail from above photo

My father  before the German invasion of the Netherlands in 1940.



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9 responses to “Dad’s wartime album: invasion of Holland

  1. Thanks for posting this. Very interesting.

  2. Interesting stuff Roly, great to see old wartime pics like these.
    Nice pic of your father, you can see the family resemblance.

    • Thanks, Scott.

      I’ll be posting some more wartime photos too – though the remainder I have are mainly Indonesia in the late 1940s, rather than WW2.

      I thought my Dad looked rather debonair in that photo – so if you think there’s a family likeness, that means I too am ….!!!

  3. Thanks for an interesting post and photo.

  4. Fascinating post and I love the photo! It must’ve been very harrowing experience to have been on the receiving end of an aerial invasion like that.

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