Empress Miniatures: Corporal Willie Apiata VC

Empress Miniatures

I chanced upon the above picture on the Empress Miniatures website today.  Whilst modern warfare is not my chosen wargaming period, I found this an intriguing miniature.

My fellow New Zealand readers will probably recognise this figure straight away as Corporal Willie Apiata VC, right down to the stalwart pose and steely gaze from the famous news-photo.  

Willie Apiata VC

Photo from: http://static.stuff.co.nz/1264718977/768/3251768.jpg


4 thoughts on “Empress Miniatures: Corporal Willie Apiata VC

  1. Top spotting Roly. If that figure isn’t Corporal Willie Apiata VC then I’ll get Simon to eat his hat!* At least the Empress Miniatures website rightly captions the picture “New Zealand SAS”.

    I’m guessing you were perusing the Empress website looking for more New Zealand Wars figures.

    *Note that Willie has already eaten his hat … and it was a helmet! Obviously not a man to mess with!! 8O)

    von Peter himself

  2. Amazing! It’s a weird but true story – I was working on the very final publisher proofs for my book on New Zealand’s military heroism, when up came the news that Apiata had won the VC. Of course it had to be included. I rang the publishers – Reed NZ – and persuaded them to amend one page in the book, typed out a couple of paragraphs based on what I knew at that stage – and got it through in time for them to meet their printer timing. One day earlier and I’d have missed it…

  3. Willie Apiata is a role model for all New Zealander’s, young and old especially Maori. Although I am proud of his courageous compassion for sacrificing his life for a mate I am also inspired by his commitment not to give up his dream of being a member of the SAS when he was first turned down for failing to complete and exercise in the required time. This shows true determination in not giving up on a dream despite obstacles. Being able to get back up when obstacles occur in life is what makes someone a true hero. Willie is a true hero and not just as a soldier. Jules

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