Tricornes and lashings of rococo gilt – Austrian staff

Austrian generals by Minden Miniatures

This photo shows my entire 18th century Austrian army.  Yep, these three generals are my Austrian army – all of it!  There is not one solitary Austrian infantryman or cavalry trooper amongst my miniature armies for them to command. Yet I have these three – so what’s the story?  

Why I bought these Minden Miniatures figures, I’m not entirely sure.  Whilst my ‘Barryat of Lyndonia‘ imagi-nation army is fictional, it is still based on the movie Barry Lyndon, and that movie isn’t exactly known for containing Austrians.  British, yes – French and Prussians too.  But Austrians, nary a one.

The answer is that Minden Miniatures don’t make any French generals (yet, I hope!).  They make a lovely set of Prussian general staff, which I’ve featured in an earlier post.  But they have no leaders for their French range to oppose the Prussians – only Austrians.   So, that means if I want some leadership on hand should I wish to split my Barryat army into two halves to fight each other for a game, Austrian generals it’ll have to be.

Of course, I could’ve gone for another maker, of whom plenty make French general staff figures.  But Minden Miniatures are so individual, being true 1/56th scale replicas of the human anatomical proportions, rather than the more caricatured (albeit charming) look of most other 28mm/30mm ranges.

Don’t get me wrong, I love other makes – after all, I own and treasure entire armies of them.  But for me, no other makers’ figures match in with Minden figures.  So for this particular part of my collection, it has to all be Minden or nothing.

So, there it is.

Now, imagine some strains of Mozart in the background, and meet my Austrian A-team:

  • General Franz Leopold Nádasdy
  • Field-Marshal Prince Charles of Lorraine
  • General Gideon Ernst Loudon


4 thoughts on “Tricornes and lashings of rococo gilt – Austrian staff

    1. Interesting. I’ve vaguely heard of this make, but for some reason I’ve always assumed they were older style and less detailed castings. I better take a closer look …

  1. Aren’t there some suitable mounted officers in the French infantry and cavalry offerings from Minden that would work? And yes, the RSM figures fit perfectly with the Mindens.

  2. Lovely work as usual, Roly. Now aren’t you tempted, even just a bit, to raise an Austrian regiment or two, maybe some grenzers, a couple of guns….Wait this could lead to a whole Minden army!

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