Coca-Cola ad for wargamers?

OK, I’m not normally one for posting ads on my blog, let alone ones for a drink that is mainly piles of sugar and water.  But when you watch this particular Coke ad, you’ll see why I thought it was entirely appropriate for a wargaming/miniatures blog!



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8 responses to “Coca-Cola ad for wargamers?

  1. I love it! I haven’t come across it in the UK though.

    • To my knowledge it has never shown here in New Zealand, either. I gather it is a few years old now, too. I just stumbled across it whilst surfing the internet, as you do …

  2. briansmaller

    It was quite funny – I liked it.

    • I’m not sure it was that funny – but I loved the concept and the execution of this ad. The various types of soldiers looked quite realistic.

      If you do a freeze frame, you’ll note you can actually read some of the pages of the books they step out of!

  3. An inspired advert! Not that it will get me to drink any more Coke!! 8O)

    von Peter himself

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