Coca-Cola ad for wargamers?

OK, I’m not normally one for posting ads on my blog, let alone ones for a drink that is mainly piles of sugar and water.  But when you watch this particular Coke ad, you’ll see why I thought it was entirely appropriate for a wargaming/miniatures blog!

8 thoughts on “Coca-Cola ad for wargamers?

    1. To my knowledge it has never shown here in New Zealand, either. I gather it is a few years old now, too. I just stumbled across it whilst surfing the internet, as you do …

    1. I’m not sure it was that funny – but I loved the concept and the execution of this ad. The various types of soldiers looked quite realistic.

      If you do a freeze frame, you’ll note you can actually read some of the pages of the books they step out of!

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