Noddy’s Spanish dragoons


My Spanish dragoons look like nothing so much as the Toytown Troopers! Maybe it was a mistake picking a unit with such a garish combination of yellow, blue and red!  

But fortunately this is only the halfway mark in painting them.  Hopefully the next stages in my paint job, with the white straps, silver on the brown undercoated swords, and all the other detailing still to do, will soften the clownish effect.   

These are lovely figures to paint, though.  Front Rank miniatures are an absolute painter’s dream, with clean sculpting, crisp casting and clear details.

Adios, amigos!


3 thoughts on “Noddy’s Spanish dragoons

  1. They do take a while to paint, Scott. But once the main colours are blocked in, I find the task of painting the details quite enjoyable.

    They’re really coming along now, and with all the details and the faces painted in, don’t look nearly as Noddy-ish now.

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