Rococo cavalcade -18th century dragoons on parade


A parade of the newly reinforced Truchseß Dragoons took place recently in my 18th century imagi-nation, the Barryat of Lyndonia.    


Invited guest to the parade included Mr Redmond Barry (a man on the way up – and possibly down again) and Miss Nora Brady (Redmond Barry’s seductive older cousin).


Also on hand to watch the parade were the Chevalier de Balibari (professional gambler and suspected spy), and the Countess of Lyndon (the beautiful, wealthy and recently bereaved widow of the late Sir Charles Lyndon).


I painted the main bulk of this regiment some time ago.  But I always felt I didn’t have quite enough of them, as having only 20 troopers made them hard to split into symmetrical squadrons and troops.  I’ve therefore painted another four tro0pers, so that the regiment is now made up of 24 troopers, 2 officers, 1 standard bearer and 1 drummer.


The dragoons can now easily form into two squadrons of 12 figures each, or four troops of 6 men each, as seen here in column.


The command figures are all individually based so that they can be arranged as non-combatant figures around the unit.

The figures are all 28mm Minden Minaitures

7 thoughts on “Rococo cavalcade -18th century dragoons on parade

    1. I must one day … my collecting and painting always seem to run well ahead of the little actual gaming I manage to get in. Not that that really worries me, luckily …

    1. Thanks, Matthew. My photography is very hit or miss. I didn’t feel these ones were that good. I only have an el cheapo camera, so it depends on the luck of getting the right light and so on. Sometime the photos are bad, other times really good.

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