New Zealand National Army Museum


Here’s a virtual visit to New Zealand’s National Army Museum at Waiouru, especially for those of my foreign visitors who may never be able to come here.

These terrific photos were posted by Dave Homewood on the Plane Talk forum a couple of years ago:

I’ve put a couple of Dave’s photos here, but there are tons more on his posting. Click on the link above to take a ‘wander’ over there for a virtual look at many of the exhibits at the museum.   They range from the colonial New Zealand wars of the 1800s through to WW2 and beyond.


The museum has some really good examples of the military modeller’s art, too:




So head on over there now!

Link to Dave Homewood’s posting on the Plane Talk forum

2 thoughts on “New Zealand National Army Museum

  1. It’s kind of hard for Kiwis to get to, too – I wish they’d set it up at Trentham! Was relieved they managed to get the decorations and medals back after the break-in a few years ago – I remember commiserating with a friend of mine at the RMC about it, he figured they’d gone to some Russian collector and I feared they were sitting at the bottom of the Waikato river.

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