New Zealand Wars naval shore party launched by Empress

This new naval shore party for their New Zealand Wars range has just been launched by Empress Miniatures.

Well, this is one release I’m not going to be able to resist.  My New Zealand Wars army guys are about to get naval reinforcements!

As Empress say:  “These wonderfully characterful figures capture the spirit of the Victorian sailor brilliantly, and are dressed in the earliest ‘official’ uniform of the British Navy. For this reason they are not only useful for New Zealand, but would be equally at home in the Crimea or Indian sub-continent.”

“This release includes command, personalities, ratings and a colossal 32-pounder naval artillery piece with full crew. This huge gun was brought ashore and used in sieges against Maori pas and makes a unique addition to any mid-nineteenth century army!”

Note the two-man ramming team for the huge gun.

More info here:

4 thoughts on “New Zealand Wars naval shore party launched by Empress

  1. Yep, my order is going in later today.

    For that gun, it might be nice to construct the log platform and pallisading they used when firing it at the pa.

  2. Those figures are seriously cool! I can just imagine them fighting in the church yard at Russell/Kororareka before retreating back to the HMS Hazard!

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