Back to the eighteenth century


After a bit of hiatus in my painting, I’m finally back at it. The first figures that have arrived on my painting desk this year are some wonderful Minden eighteenth century generals, dragoons and civilians. My progress to date can be seen in the pic above – some are partly painted, but most are still in their resplendent black undercoats!  (click on the picture to examine more closely)

Firstly, I’ve bought two sets of generals. The first (front centre) are Prussians, and include a lovely rendition of Frederick the Great himself.

The other Minden generals I impulse-bought were Austrians (left rear) – and this has left me now scratching my head, as I have no Austrian troops in my army, and they don’t even appear in the movie Barry Lyndon that my army is loosely based on. However, they’ll look splendid once painted in their white coats and red breeches, so that is probably as much reason as I need!

There are also two pairs of civilians. I’m painting one pair (front right)  in somewhat muted tones of grey, brown and black – maybe Barry Lyndon and a lady-friend in his younger days.

The other pair (front left) will be much more colourful. I’ve already painted the gentleman in a purple coat with sky-blue cuffs – maybe Barry in his more flamboyant period.

Finally the dragoons (centre rear and right rear) are some additions to my existing Truchseß Dragoons.  I felt that the two squadrons needed upping to a dozen men each, bringing the whole regiment to 24 troopers and three officers/musicians.

I’ve already painted the horses’ coats using the rubbed oil-paint technique, and in the main they have come out well. The lighter coats may need some attention. And I have yet to add some white markings to a few of the horses to give some variety.

I’ve also done all the figures’ faces. I find painting faces a bit of a hit or miss operation that I can never keep consistent in quality. I’m quite happy with the way this lot have turned out, but they are still not my best efforts.


9 thoughts on “Back to the eighteenth century

  1. Good to see you putting, putting brush to mel again.
    Brett has got me a little revved up about my WSS/SYW figs… I may have a go at a boxful, once I get the Hobbit set finished.

  2. These Minden figures are exquisite aren’t they? I have a few waiting in line myself. I agree with your thoughts on faces. I have real problems with getting eyes level and equal size.

    1. On my Mindens, I don’t paint the eyes anymore, Ian. I just dab some Devlan Mud wash into them, followed by a line of Nabab Black wash. This gives just enough of an impression of eyes.

      My main problem is the skin tone and shading. Sometimes it works well, other times it looks all blotchy, or there is just not enough surface area on the face for it to work well (those Minden faces are very small compared to Front Rank etc).

  3. Roly, I’m sure once you paint up the Austrians you’ll be inspired to get some more. The colours of the uniforms simply grab your attention and you can’t help being seduced by them. I had never planned to have a SYW Austrian army until that Prussophile cad, Chris Packer, put on several 28mm games at the Mess last year….after commanding his Austrians I was hooked! Looking forward to your figures fully painted.

      1. I think you’ve ballsed-up again, but there are enough clues in your comment for me to deduce who you are!!

        My very first SYW figures, way back in the 1970s, were Austrians, so I do have an affinity for them.

        With this current project I’m not really doing a full army – just a conglomeration of different regiments to form a kind of ‘imagi-nation’. While initially these were to be all themed on ‘Barry Lyndon’, I’ve run out of units from the movie now, so can cast my eyes anywhere … so I guess an Austrian unit isn’t out of the question, especially for old time’s sake.

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