Tally ho! ‘Albion Triumphant’ on pre-order!

Albion-Triumphant 1

I haven’t done anything Napoleonic for some time now, neither gaming nor painting, despite having a cabinet full of French, British, Spanish, Portuguese and German troops.


However, having just pre-ordered a copy of the new Albion Triumphant  supplement for Warlord Games’ Black Powder rules, that may hopefully change.

Well, I hope so, anyway.  I must say I generally find Napoleonic gaming very fiddly compared to earlier horse-and-musket gaming, what with having to worry about skirmishers, more formation variants, etc.  So we’ll see!

Albion 2The Albion Triumphant supplement covers the Flanders and Peninsular campaigns in the Napoleonic Wars (the vast bulk of the book focusing on the conflict in the Iberian Peninsula).

Some people on TMP have questioned the pro-British stance of the title.  But I think Black Powder is known for its whimsical and tongue-in-cheek “Haw! Haw! ‘pon my whiskers, tally ho and all that” old-fashioned British gentlemen’s club writing style.

So in my view, this supplement’s title Albion Triumphant fits that style perfectly.

albion 3

The free figure that comes with the rules will immediately jump to the front of the queue.  I don’t actually have any Foot Guards in my army. But who cares?  This is going to be such a nice figure as a one-figure diorama to dress the table.

And besides Albion Triumphant, he’ll also do nicely as a ‘Big Man’ for the Too Fat Lardies’ Sharp Practice large skirmish rules.


9 thoughts on “Tally ho! ‘Albion Triumphant’ on pre-order!

  1. Happy to give it a whirl when the book arrives, if you dont mind providing the figures…

    I would imagine the title is appropriate, as in the end Boney was beaten out the Pennisular, hence Albion was triumphant, was it not?

    1. True, Scott. But not by itself – there were one or two Spaniards, Portuguese and such like also involved. I think that is what some people are objecting to.

      But in a British gentlemen’s club, they wouldn’t jolly well admit that, what?

    2. Not really when Boney was in the Peninsular I believe the british Army was sent packing baggage in habd at Corunna? Better Title would have been the Spanish Ulcer for both the French, British and Spanish treasuries were drained by supporting this war. Just as the British drained their treasury to fund every coalition against Napoleon.
      And the Porteguese spent the War in exile letting the British “once” again fund and train their army.

  2. Greetings Roly……u are always welcome to pop down to Wellie and join a BP game at Casa del Swain! The regular Wednsday nite games imagine won’t work…..but once renovations at new home complete……be regular weekend games a happening.

    1. Sounds good, Terry. Thanks for that. Mayhap I can pop into an occasional Wednesday night do on the way home if child care and everything is all sorted at home. Troop movements would be a hassle though …

      1. No worries…..will let u know when Feb game is. Alan Hollowes is part of the Wednesday group…..no troops needed…..think we may actually be playing BP ACW next up……be in touch….u can just pop round for dinner if want. T.

  3. Every time I see the picture at the head of this article I relive my disappointment at the terrible generalship displayed by the British CO. Marching his men at the ‘Incredibly Slow Step’ along the road and letting that French battalion form line and catch him in column of march. Thanks Roly. Thanks a lot. 🙂

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