My brother’s fantastic photos of New Zealand, Europe & Africa

After the Christchurch (New Zealand) earthquake literally knocked down my youngest brother’s event management business, he is currently looking for work in his hobby of travel/nature photography.

So he has started a photography website, in which he displays some of his amazing photos from New Zealand, France, Italy and Africa. I think he is a really talented photographer. Here’s his site:

If you like his pics, it would be terrific if you could share his site on FaceBook or whatever, so he gains some exposure (sorry about the pun!) and maybe he’ll get ‘discovered’.

Here are some sample shots of his New Zealand pictures (click to enlarge):

10 thoughts on “My brother’s fantastic photos of New Zealand, Europe & Africa

  1. My wife has been uploading photos that she’s found to a few places. She sent me the following for you to forward to your brother:

    Mozilla FireFox Free Download

    FoxSaver (a type of screen saver that you can upload your photos to or recommend others photos that you see online) Free Download you need to have Firefox for your browser as far as I know.

    I’ve recommended over a dozen photos and half of them have showed up within days. Many photographers upload their photos and they are linked back to their own websites and they can be blocked from being downloaded by others.

    Copyrights are important.

    People also get to vote on Published Pictures but there are many more that are only in the Latest Pictures area … there are clubs associated with different types of photos .. it’s far more extensive than I’ve ever gotten into.

    This is one that I recommended/uploaded and linked back to The Weather Network where the photographer had uploaded her photos to.

    This is another

    and this another

    — Jeff

    1. Thanks for that, Jeff. My brother will see your suggestions here, because I’m sure he’ll be dropping past my blog to look at what I’ve posted about him!

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