More German polizei oldtimers from the interwar years

I promised in my last post about odd German polizei vehicles to post a few more pics.  The first one here is of a circa 1920 Daimler DZR armoured car.   If you look carefully (click on the photo for more detail) you can make out the wording ‘Sicherheitspolizei Hamburg’ (Hamburg Security Police) on the rear.   I love those big solid-looking wheels.

Here’s another shot of the Daimler DZR in Hamburg.  Both the above pics come from Jochen Breitenbach’s Polizei-Sonderwagen geschichte und einsatz.

I really like this picture of a Baden polizei contingent on the move in the Black Forest.   At the front is a Benz/21 armoured car.  The police officers riding in the large charabancs must be having some concerns negotiating those hairpin bends with the steep drop-off!

Now for something a bit different.  How many police officers can you get on one motorcycle combination?  Well, the crew of this 1927 Prussian State police motorcycle is five.  This and the photo above it both come from Die Kraftfahrzeuge der Polizei und des Bundesgrenzschutzes by Werner Oswald.

OK, I know, this isn’t interwar. But how could I resist finishing with this big police officer and his tiny BMW Isetta patrol car in Rheinland-Pfalz about 1960?

3 thoughts on “More German polizei oldtimers from the interwar years

    1. I’m still waiting for my French Foreign Legion figures to arrive before starting my VSF stuff, Scott.

      No, these German polizei pics are just the result of idly leafing through my old books and finding pics I thought might be of interest to the guys …

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