Odd interwar German polizei vehicles

When you called the police in Germany between the wars, boy, did you get police!   Imagine one of these beauties pulling up outside to take a report of your milk bottles being nicked!  This is a 1928 Magirus MM transporter (click on the picture to see it in greater detail).

I pity the officers travelling in the trailer of this 1926 MAN transporter – it must’ve been a bumpy ride.

These would be terrific units in an interwar game, if any miniature company ever made anything like them.   Or even in a Very British Civil War game, as a German polizei unit brought over to help their British police colleagues.

Note how the shakos worn by the officers are very similar to those worn by jaegers during the Franco-Prussian and Great Wars.   These distinctive hats were worn by German police during WW2, and right up to the 1960s.

I’ve got a few old books I’ve got about the German police vehicles.  The book these particular pics came from is called Polizei-Fahrzeuge gestern und heute by Klaus-Fr Doenecke and Dirk Lemcke.

There are a few more oddities portrayed in these books.   Lovers of old armoured cars and motorcycle combinations may be especially interested in them.



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7 responses to “Odd interwar German polizei vehicles

  1. That is a great picture and I hope someone makes a 25mm version of it.

  2. Only the Germans could make that look like an efficient form of transportation – just brilliant.

  3. Wow, that would be one way of transporting my Prussians across the table top, just needs a Steam boiler somewhere, maybe an HMG mounted on top of the cab… 😉

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