Olympics wargames terrain pics

This is a very nice looking tabletop terrain, perfect for wargaming with miniatures. Those little fences, pieces of hedgerow and the model house are terrific. I’m especially impressed with the grass effect on the table cloth.  Don’t forget to click on the above photo to get the full-size effect.

Here’s a neat little model cottage, and some very nice miniatures of field-workers.

The miniature horse and cart are very well done. And don’t you like those balsa-wood fences and the realistic road-surface effect?

What scale are these model soldiers? They do look quite realistic (though the proportions are all wrong). But I do wish people wouldn’t PhotoShop out their figures’ bases.

Is that tree the Games Workshop Warhammer model? It looks pretty impressive, whoever the manufacturer is.

This stepped hill looks really good for gaming.  Note how well model figures can stand up on the layers.  The cotton-wool smoke gives an excellent effect, too.

And here’s something for those who like something a bit more Mordor-ish. Or Victorian Science Fiction.

The same scenery seems to be available in a much smaller scale, too.

PS: For those who are curious as to how I got the above photos (all found on the internet) to look so much like miniatures, I used a technique called ’tilt-shift’ – apart from on the last pic, which is a real miniature.

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