Two too big and too little VSF machines

Today I’m showing off two more of the Bandai VSF machines that came in my packet from Japan, to add to the three others I’ve shown over the last few postings.

First up, here’s what I call by the technical name ‘trainy thing’.  It is a rather weird contraption to say the least.  At the front is a peculiar bogie with road/rail wheels  surmounted by the driver’s chair, behind which is a robot-like vertical boiler with arms.  A raking horizontal boiler leads to the stoker’s cab perched just in front of the huge single driving wheel:

While the trainy thing does look quite impressive in the above photos, it loses its majesty somewhat when you see the model posed beside a 28mm miniature.  In the picture below you can see the difference in scale by the diminutive size of the driver’s chair at the front of the vehicle :

So, what to do with such a difference in size?  Well, the picture below shows how well-known VSF and fantasy wargamer ‘Skrapwelder’ has used the machine as a kind of gun carriage for a tesla weapon.    The gunner kneels behind the upright boiler that powers the weapon attached above the single wheel.  I could do something similar.

The next vehicle from the packet poses the opposite problem.  This power unicycle with one large wheel  is far too large for a 28mm figure.  Check out the size of the saddle and the distance to the pedal on the larger cogwheel:

I’m going to experiment with a 28mm cavalryman or motorcycle rider  of some sort to see if it’ll still work, especially if I just chop off the pedals (why would it need pedals anyway?).  Alternatively, I could make some sort of swinging cabin inside the wheel – or even slung between two of the unicycles, as  I’ve got two of this model.  Any other ideas?

Finally, here is an anime music video that is set to a chase-scene from Steamboy featuring both these particular vehicles:

In case you want to know, the music is Il Treno Va by Toto Cutugno.  I like its ‘chuffy-ness’ – just right for VSF!

And, yes, there’s still another VSF goodie left to show off in my next posting …

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