Bathysphere time? Another VSF goodie …

I’m not sure what this VSF machine from the Japanese anime movie Steamboy is. It was amongst the goodies in my previously mentioned parcel of Bandai VSF toys from Japan.

I suspect it is some sort of bathysphere designed to plunge the ocean deeps. But despite diligent searching in Google Images, I haven’t located a Steamboy still that shows this machine in action, to be certain of its purpose.  The nearest I’ve found is this:

Anyway, a bathysphere won’t be much use in a VSF wargame.  So I’m thinking  I might make it into some sort of flying machine by adding a large rotor on top,  or suspending it from a balloon.  Then it can rain destruction on my enemies.

Anyway got any other ideas for it?

Keep watching … more VSF goodies yet to come!

4 thoughts on “Bathysphere time? Another VSF goodie …

  1. Might you turn it onto its side and create some sort of weapon from it? Hard to tell from the photo. Other than that, some sort of flying thing makes sense to me.

    — Jeff

    PS, ooooh, rivets . . . quick, count them!

  2. I guess you could keep it as is, there’s always a chance our VSF gaming could at some point plunge beneath the waves… Or perhaps turn it on its side and convert it into some kind of Aeronef…

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