More VSF goodies from Japan

As hinted in last night’s post, there were a few more VSF goodies in my recent parcel from Japan. These steam-powered self-propelled artillery, for example.

I mentioned yesterday that all these VSF goodies derive from a movie (anyone guess which one?) – so here are a couple of stills of the steam artillery in action (don’t forget to click on these pics to enlarge them):

There’s only one problem with this particular model – it’s rather small:

However, other wargamers have converted these to fit with 28mm figures. They’ve raised the boiler higher above the tracks, used the existing gun platform as the drivers seat overhanging the rear, and scratch-built a larger gun platform overhanging the front. Overall, they’ll look less imposing than in the movie, less tank-like and more akin to a WW2 Bren Gun Carrier – but nevertheless, very useful and characterful vehicles.

Here’s one last look:

Keep checking back over the next few days, as the packet contained even more VSF goodiness to be shown off!

9 thoughts on “More VSF goodies from Japan

  1. Roly,

    How can you show us these without giving us the KEY INFORMATION?

    What I mean, of course, is the required “rivet count” . . . isn’t that required in New Zealand?

    — Jeff

  2. Dash it all ol’ chap, you’re well ahead of me now!
    A robotic man and self propelled gun. I’ve got some cathcing up to do!

    Can’t say I recognise the cartoon movie stills…

    1. The movie is the Japanese anime, ‘Steamboy’.

      One of the dubbers of the English version was our own Anna Paquin.

      I’ve never seen the movie, but from the stills, and reviews, it looks interesting. I checked in the Kapiti Library yesterday, but their copy of this movie was never returned!!!

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