Colonial VSF robot – first peek

In the historical colonial New Zealand Wars game I played yesterday, my militia reinforcements never made it onto the table. Maybe that was lucky for my opponent, because here we see the secret punch the Hutt Militia might have been able to bring to the battle!

This is just a sneak peek of my very first Victorian Science Fiction miniature all the way from Japan, straight out of the packet. All I’ve added (for now) is the wisp of smoke. I’m mulling over idea on how to super-detail this beauty.

More information and pictures in due course of some other devilshly cunning steam machinery that came in the same parcel from Nippon …

4 thoughts on “Colonial VSF robot – first peek

  1. Yep, imported from the Land of the Rising Sun. This is actually a deep sea diver, but I think works quite well as a steam powered suit.

    I might replace at least one of his claws with a gatling gun (I will have to quiz the good Colonel on how to make one).

    More surprises yet to come …

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