Sample ‘Sharp Practice’ cards for New Zealand Wars

My pa fortifications project started well enough, but then the glue failed, the walls fell to bits, and I’m now back at square one! I bet the real Māori engineers had no trouble like this! So when I buy a better make of glue, I’ll start again.

In the meantime, I’ve begun work on the playing cards needed for Sharp Practice, giving them a New Zealand Wars theme. Below are some samples of the cards I’ve done so far. Any ideas for some good national characteristic cards for the Māori warriors?

8 thoughts on “Sample ‘Sharp Practice’ cards for New Zealand Wars

  1. Hi Roly – awesome work! A really obvious card for Maori would be Haka. There are multiple things you could use it for, bonuses to fighting skill maybe? And the big men cards could be Rangatira? I look forward to seeing them develop.

    1. Thanks, Nathan. yes, i had thought of the haka. I also wondered about some sort of card to cover their ability in the bush. And also one about being able to slip unobtrusively out of a pa. But there could be other ideas, too …

    1. Thanks for that.

      Don’t be too trusting of me with rules – I’m a very infrequent gamer, and rules are generally a bit of a ‘necessary evil’ for me!! I’m really more of a collector, painter and modeller than a gamer. But I’ll do me best …

  2. I don’t know what it is, Bjoern. I’ve used “Ka mate! Ka mate!” as my version of that card – the start of the most famous Maori haka.

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